Previous Winner
Theresa Hart | Support for Veteran's
Bobby Jean Harvey | Encouraging Kids to Dream
Donnalee Velvick-Lowry | To Reach Their Fullest Potential
Lauren Mauk | Empowering Women
Wayne Dorsey | Drink Responsibly
Jen Powers | Positive Parenting
Nicholas Crapser | Transforming Lives
Victoria Michael | Survivors Of Violence
Randy Lung | Dive Into Help
Sara Ballhaussen | Supporting Every Family Touched By Cancer
Suzanne McIntosh | A Cup of Inspiration
Jessica Serrano | Creating World Changers
Libby Miller | Creating Everlasting Memories
Sarah Stewart | Path to Healing
Darcy Woessner | From Horse to Heart
Elaina Matthews | Fueling The Education of Tomorrow's Future
Alissa Magrum | Keeping Our Children Afloat
John LeBow | Break the Cycle
Debbie Martis | Fight Against Human Trafficking
Gabriel Tew | Sobriety in Christ
Nigel Adams | Bringing Them Home
Amy Curry | Making Wraparound Possible
Mercedes Kirkland-Doyle | Fighting Against Hunger
Katie Schwartz | House of Healing
Bobbie. J. Abell | Learning While Riding
Sharon Wood | Safely Moving Forward
Delia De La Cruz | Support For Our Veterans
Rose van Wier Hein | Community, Purpose, and Happiness
Andrew Ottesen | Community Caring
Jenifer Okamura | Dying With Dignity
Kathryn Landis-Bogush | Cancer and Caring
Sara Knight | Freedom Is The Key to Happiness