Winner Update: Hope House, Inc

So a few months ago we were on the stage receiving nearly 23,000 plus, I don’t remember exactly the amount, and we were able to give it that night to build the necessary equipment to get our children who cannot walk from the first floor down to the base, but to be with their own age peers. One of them just leaving Shriner’s hospital tonight on our way home, she lost one leg above the knee, one leg below the knee due to the events of child abuse. We’ve had her for nearly five years and the doctors, well, they’ve made the decisions that they’re going to have to rebuild one amputated leg because the walking has become nearly impossible. So the whole process is not going to be done until the end of April. What does this do? It enables them not to have to be in a wheelchair going outside the building in the winter, which we do now, or did wrapped in warm blankets to go in a lower stair casing lower doorways to be able to be downstairs. And it’s really important for them to have the same privileges that every kid does. Jumping off the stairs and going different ways to get down. We’re going to have a completed life that allows them to be with everybody else in the dorm. There are 27 preteens and teenagers living with us full time at hope house. This is their permanent home. They will grow up with us. They will go onto college or technical school. This is their home, and because of what happened a night, three, four months ago, they’re going to see the hope and the completion, and it’s because of the gifts that you gave. I don’t know how many different ways to say thank you, but you impacted us so we can make a difference for their lives. Hope house a home to come to Marsing Idaho. We thank you.

Donnalee Velvick-Lowry
To Reach Their Fullest Potential

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