Winner Update: The Safe Ride Foundation

When you guys blessed us with this, you know, being up here in front of all you know, great people, it’s, you know, it can be a little bit nerve wracking. And I guess to that point, I, I really commend these people on keeping their proposer and being strong here. Definitely. So, I told you guys last time that one of our promises for 2020, while we were at our 11,000 rides at the time of our last, uh, at the time of the last impact club meeting and we said that by the end of 2020, we would do 20,000 rides and prevented 20,000 DUIs in the set. in Frederick County, Maryland. So the way we, uh, planned to do that with, uh, with your generous donation, was it the three days, the app, the awareness and able bodies. The first day was our app. We’re actually the only nonprofit in Frederick County that has an app, which is cool, right? A lot of that was, uh, was basically developing an infrastructure for that. So we now are up to 5,000 app downloads are being Apple and, um, Apple and Android. So that’s good. Awesome. To that point, we were raising awareness. We actually developed a really a really nice commercial. Maybe you’ve seen it on TV or on a more on Facebook or YouTube. But having said that, we have these legs, we have, we’ve developed a whole, um, promotion campaign to make sure people know that there is an option to get home, you know, with your car and everything like that. So that’s been good too. And the biggest thing is able to buy. Um, so all of our drivers are volunteers. We something I really wish I would’ve, I could’ve mentioned we have 24 literal superheroes out here, uh, in Fredrick County that are out every weekend. Just making sure people get home safely. So during major holidays we make sure that, uh, that we, uh, you absolutely free rides for the entire County. The whole thing was about, don’t be stupid. The whole thing was about, you know, there’s absolutely no excuse for this. Last year was by far our best year ever. You know, and your guys’, um, generous donation made that even like, just exacerbated that to like levels. You couldn’t even get into it. I started this organization when I was 23 years old. You know, you, you experience a lot of experience, a lot of hardship, when you’re trying to start an organization, a lot of, lot of work for no reward, if you will. You feel like you are constantly trying to find people to support anything that believe in what you’re doing. And when you finally have that moment that I did a moment of like, wow, like what we’re doing is important. That is amazing. We were the only nonprofit in Frederick County that helps out drunk driving and we’ve now made it so that everyone understands there’s absolutely no excuse. So please help us to continue that message. And I think you guys so very much for helping us.

Wayne Dorsey
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