Winner Update: Operation Silver Star

So with what you’ve given, we’ve helped so far, 15 veterans with an average of $500 each. But I’d like to tell you something else about one person, one family that we helped that’s very local to us. They struggled during the month of February when we had all the rain and it was just freezing cold. Well they lived in an area that’s um, they live on propane, their heating their cooking, everything is on propane. And unfortunately their tank emptied out and for them, they could not pay the amount that the company was asking. And so we were able to fill that tank up for them. However it took them 10 days to get out to them. So for 10 days, that family had no heating except for the fact that we got them two space heaters. We made sure they had firewood and we actually even allowed them to come to our home and shower. So these are the things that you helped with. And it hasn’t stopped because there are still funds leftover from what you gave us and we’ll continue to help. Um, I don’t know how to tell you how, how to express how grateful we are for what you’ve given to us. Those families are just very grateful as well. You know, it was your giving and your getting together that did this. And it’s just amazing the difference that you make. And when we get those phone calls and when we’re able to say, yes, we can help you. It’s the best feeling ever. So you guys should be feeling amazing right now for what you’ve done.

Delia De La Cruz
Support For Our Veterans

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