Winner Update: Veterans Legacy Oregon

Camp Alma is a former corrections compound outside Eugene, Oregon, which has been deeded over to Veterans Legacy Oregon. Renovations are underway to make this compound amenable for veterans with PTSD and homelessness. The camp is situated in the Oregon Coast Range on 105 acres of bare and treed land. The camp has goals of making a nearly self-sustaining facility for veterans, who will be working on healing through agriculture and the peace of their surroundings. Nationwide veteran homelessness and PTSD is an unfortunate reality. In 2018, Oregon had the third-highest percentage of homeless veterans in the nation, with 55% of those veterans “unsheltered,” or sleeping outdoors. Veteran homelessness has increased 9% in the past year. Eugene, Oregon, in Lane County, has a large homeless veteran population because of the relatively moderate climate, availability of social services, and high number of veterans in the county. Veterans Legacy’s philosophy is that healing and wellness is a function of a safe environment, meaningful therapeutic experiences, and multi-faceted community-based systems of extended care. Our vision is to break the cycle of veteran suicides, mental health disorders, and social costs stemming from underserved veterans experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, substance abuse, and associated traumas.

John LeBow
Break the Cycle

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