Winner Update: ShareCare Network

Hi, I just want to say thank you all very much for coming out here every quarter. It just really means the world to us. And thanks to you all. After we received your donation, we were able to go to our members and ask them, what do you want to see from ShareCare in the future? How can we support you? And one of the biggest things was to update our website and start working on a mobile application. Because initially we couldn’t put as much money into the website, so there were some issues and now we’re going to be able to, it’s going to be as easy to book a caregiver as it is to request an Uber ride. So that is one of the biggest things. And we’ve also been able to reach out to more families than ever and try and get the word out and get more families to sign up to receive care. So thank you all very much.


Andrew Ottesen
Community Caring

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