Winner Update: SOAR (Supporting Older Adults Through Resources)

SOAR is an organization that helps seniors in need. We help seniors with pretty much anything that they need. We put a quarter of a million dollars into this community since March 1st of 2015 and helping seniors, which is really something we’re so proud of. The number one expenditure has been on medical equipment, and within that medical equipment is home applications to allow those seniors to live at home independently with support that they need. Our second amount is household needs and that is pretty much anything that they need to help them stay  in their homes as well. The third thing is which we just learned about, which is how housing is a critical need, especially for seniors. So today we rehoused 10 homeless seniors and again, we’re really proud of that. We installed two stared lifts. That was two huge expenses for people to could not get from downstairs to upstairs in their home or their bathroom is the only way that they can get upstairs.  We also installed a brand new hot water heater for a senior who was living without hot water for six weeks. We are putting a fund together to be able to fund all the utility requests that we get before we get into the winter season. We have a lot of requests for oil and utility cost to be able to get people warm in the winter. So I would love to come back and tell you again about what the rest of it is used for, but I assure you it’s gonna be for the good of our seniors that needed Frederick County. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Leslie Schultz
A Voice For Our Seniors

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