Winner Update: Christian Recovery Houses

We have 24 mens beds and 12 womens beds. And we help them walk through their addiction with a relationship with Jesus Christ. You know, one of the things that you can really see God’s hand in is the timing of things. And for us, you know, we’re at 36 beds and we’ve been kind of sitting there for a couple of years, but just like in March,  we were the recipients of this money and just about that time, these other opportunities to expand came to us. So,  we’re having the opportunity now to add a six bed home for pregnant women in addiction into the time that their baby is six months old. So we’re going to add that in July. And then we have some other bed opportunities that have come to us that will open in the next two or three months. So just the timing of this $18,300 that came to us was so God, you know. You see the Lord in that and it’s just awesome. And it’s so ImpactClub® impactful also. So, thank you very much for that. So that’s where it’s going to, your money, for expansion for official recovery. I’ll just thank you very much.

Gabriel Tew
Sobriety in Christ

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