Winner Update: Newby-ginnings of North Idaho, Inc

First of all, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for, what was it, three months ago? I just wanted to give a little update. I have to say this is much easier this time than it was last time. So, as you know, Newby-ginnings of North Idaho is a nonprofit that I started in memory of my son, Nick Newby, who was killed in action in Baghdad, Iraq on July 7th of 2011 so it’s Newby-ginnings. I just wanted everybody to know that. I know it’s spelled like that. I do know how to spell. So what it is is we are a veterans support program. We provide services to veterans, active service members and gold star families in our community. And what we do is we accept donations from the community, so anything a veteran and their family would need. We have a room that’s dedicated to infants and toddlers for young families. We have lots of littles and we have a room that’s dedicated to medical supplies. The really cool thing about our shop is everything in our shop is free. We do not charge for anything. So even those power chairs, even those hospital beds, um, we’ve even had, um, we’ve been able to give vehicles to veterans. Um, and everything in our shop is free. We do not even have a cash register. All that we require from our families is proof of military service. So a government ministry would form of ID, like a DD, two 14 military ID, VA card. That’s all they need. They get into our system. They don’t fall out. They can come in as often as they want and get what they need. People ask us every single day, well, if everything is free, how do you guys stay open? This is how we stay open. 100% supported by this amazing community. All donations and fundraisers that we do in our community. We don’t receive any kind of like government funding or VA grants or anything like that. It is 100%. This community, I want to thank you. My board wants to thank you and the over 3,500 families that we have enrolled in our program. Want to thank you.

Theresa Hart
Support for Veteran's

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