Winner Update: The Learning and Language Center at Calico, Inc.

The learning and language center is an early intervention program for children who have autism, down syndrome, hearing loss, refugee status at risk under insured, non-insured, and who generally need assistance in speech and language therapy, occupational therapy and academic readiness for the public schools. So we typically get children as early as 18 months and we keep them until they’re six years and we get them ready so that they can transition to public school with little or no additional need for services when they get to the public school. In the last 12 weeks you have provided early intervention services for 84 children, which includes a daily nutritious meal. So 84 children have had a good meal, they can learn and do well in their academic program. In the last 12 weeks you’ve provided transportation services for 48 of those children. Pick them up in the morning, we bring them home at the end of the day. You pay for the gas, the insurance and all of the maintenance needs to get them to and from school. The last 12 weeks, we have had six children come to us who did not have insurance or any way to pay for our our program. You have fully funded their academic instruction for the next 50 weeks. In the last 12 weeks, we have been able to pay for interpretation services for refugee families who come in and want to enroll their children. We have also been able to buy a couple of key pieces of equipment for the children who need occupational therapy. So your generosity and your donation has gone so far in 12 weeks that we were just so grateful and we, we can’t express how thrilled we are to provide this for children.

Kristin Negilski
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