Highly skilled

Ready to capture magic

To meet the growth demand, Impact Club partners with freelance videographers (around the world) to capture every great StoryEngine. These folks are talented. Some are students in film school. Some from a YouTube background. While others are professionals with decades of experience. 

The one commonality?

Each videographer shares the desire to capture the incredible story of a local charity, and present it in the absolute best way possible. Unlike the written word or audio, video as a medium, can more vividly capture atmosphere, emotion and excitement. Which means, well created videos, easier than other mediums, can inspire more folks. 

Yes, it’s more expensive to produce too. But our local charities deserve it, if they’re to fight for their cause in the most effective manner possible. After all, to win the war against cancer, and some of the fiercest enemies imaginable. Proper ammunition is required. 

To become a freelance partner, and to profoundly impact the fundraising ability of local charities, please visit Partner Application

Ryan Fletcher
Co-Founder, CEO, Head of Community

After 47 rejections from medical school, Fletcher realized his failure. He couldn’t inspire the admissions committee. This painful lesson, having never gotten accepted, led him on a journey to discover how words could be used to inspire. As a storyteller, he launched businesses, transformed businesses. Built communities. Then shared what he learned with others. Impact Club, working with those he collaborated with, got its genesis from that decade long journey. Now, to the best of his ability, Fletcher represents the interests of his co-founders and thousands of Impact Club members around the world.