Winner Update: Safe Passage

If you were here three months ago in September, you probably remember our executive directors, Chauntelle Lieske who spoke to you about safe passage. I’m a board member, she can’t be here tonight and so I am very pleased to be able to tell you how we spent our money. Thanks to your safe passage. We’ll soon have a 24 hour hotline that is entirely dedicated to our crisis line right now. Safe passage has one line for each location. We have an offsite shelter when we have our main location and we have our children’s advocacy center. So soon we will have a line that’s 100% solely dedicated to that 24 hour hotline thanks to you. We also have the ability with a push of a button to connect people that call a safe passage to any of our other locations without having to give them a phone number and asking them to make that call themselves. And I can’t tell you what a big difference this means to us. This is something that has been an identified need for us for a while. And I’m sure that, you know, like so many other nonprofits, it’s a weekly, monthly, yearly effort to keep up with the needs and the wants, prioritizing where you can. So on behalf of a safe passage, board of directors, on behalf of all the staff at safe passage and behalf of every single one of our clients, both present and future, thank you so much for making correlated a safer place.

Victoria Michael
Survivors Of Violence

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