Winner Update: Sophie and Madigan’s Playground, Inc.

We’re really proud of what we have been doing at Sophia Madigan’s playground for the last six years. To recap, our mission is that we’re building a playground to honor the lives of Sophia and Madigan Lillard, by building a Memorial playground and providing opportunities for children and families to play, learn and create memories together and in ways that reflect the beautiful personalities of the girls. And fantasy land will be our first of the three phases of the playground to open in 2020. So next year, as soon as there’s a road built, we will have fantasy land phase one of our playgrounds. And we’re really excited about that. Building an inclusive playground is very expensive. Um, you may or may not know, it’s not just throwing up a tot lot. There’s a million features that our playground is going to set itself apart and be a first in Frederick County. So we’re really excited for that and we really want to thank you all again, and you can follow us every single step of the way.

Libby Miller
Creating Everlasting Memories

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