Winner Update: Strut for Kids

Strut for kids is still floored that we were gifted $18,000 and we can’t do what we do without a community behind us. And when we go out and do our work and we meet with families, we get to tell them, Hey, there’s a nonprofit that cares about you and we’ll support you on your childhood cancer journey. But it’s not just that, it’s not just a nonprofit, it’s a whole community of people in Wilmington. And that means the whole world to us. So we are Strut for Kids. We’re a nonprofit that works with local families who have a childhood cancer diagnosis. And a lot of people don’t know this, but there’s actually no pediatric oncology unit here in Wilmington. So when a local family gets what is undoubtedly the worst news of their life, they’re also told you’re going to have to travel for treatment with the closest options being Duke or UNC. In order for us to expand, we needed more resources. We needed funding and we needed more time. So last quarter at impact club, we got a giant check for $18,000, which basically said you have the funding that you need to expand to Duke. And with that fire lit under us, we went out searching for somebody who could give us the time. And with that in a short two week span, we expanded to Duke. So it was one phone call. We thought maybe it would take a couple of months to build up the referral partnership. But because we had a good reputation with UNC, it was literally one phone call and that afternoon the social worker sent us two families and Wilmington who are in need of our services. So we’ve met with them and has started walking them through this childhood cancer journey. And the last thing I’ll say is it’s not just about the check, it’s also about the support from you guys. We’re now looking to support that uh, initiative year over year. And while the check was a great start, we’ve got to continue to do it and serve our families. And again, I just thank you guys so much. Your generous hearts have made a huge impact on Strut for Kids and the families that we’re able to serve. So thank you.

Sara Ballhaussen
Supporting Every Family Touched By Cancer

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