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ImpactClub® is committed to impacting local communities, by supporting our members – Impact Venture Capitalists – who want to invest in, support and spread the message of local charities. If you’re a national charity, you may not be eligible. However, if you’re a national charity but operate locally, exclusively, within a local community, you may qualify. To determine eligibility though, just like all local charities, you’ll need to register below. Once your submission is received, your non-profit will be reviewed. Completing this form does not guarantee participation in ImpactClub®. Nor does it guarantee eligibility. Within 3-5 business days, an ImpactClub® team member will be in touch.

Step 1 – Select the ImpactClub® in your location

(If you don’t see an ImpactClub® in your city/community, then select Virtual. This ImpactClub® takes place online, via videoconference, and streams worldwide.)

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Step 3 – Choose your ‘Emergency Contacts’ carefully

(If amplified by a member and selected to present, from the time of first contact via Basecamp, you’ll need to respond within 24 hours to confirm participation. If you do not respond in 24 hours, the next charity selected will be contacted in your place. So, it is essential that you provide the Emergency contact information of the 3 people within the charitable organization that you know can be reached, and will respond within that 24-hour timeframe).

(This information must be completed by the key decision-maker within the local charity!)

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* After submitting this form, our internal Charity Verification & Auditing Team will reach out via our internal project management system, Basecamp, to finalize your verification/registration with ImapctClub®. So, be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see an email from our team in the next 1-5 business days.