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ImpactClub® is committed to impacting local communities, by supporting our members – Impact Venture Capitalists – who want to invest in, support, and spread the message of local charities.  In order for us to determine your eligibility, you’ll need to review the eligibility requirements then, submit your application below.


(Feel print to the checklist below)

____ Be classified as a 501c3 charity/organization (be listed on the IRS Publication 78 data list).

____ Have an IRS issued Determination Letter

____ Have a verifiable EIN – Which matches the organization name listed on the IRS issued Determination Letter.

____ The address associated with the EIN must reside within 30 miles of the ImpactClub® Location you are registering with. If not, you may be eligible for ImpactClub® Virtual.

____ Be a “local” charity which is defined as serving only one city/location. Charities who are “state-wide” (serving more than one city/location in a state) or “National” (serving more than one city/location in more than one state) are not eligible for registration with ImpactClub®. In some cases, organizations with 2 or fewer locations will be reviewed and a final determination will be issued after the verification process has been completed. 

____ Be in operation for a minimum 1 year from the “Ruling Date” (found stamped in black next to “Date”) listed on the IRS issued Determination Letter. “In Operation” is defined as actively operating for one year with at least one 990 on file and verifiable proof it was received by the IRS, for the most recent fiscal year. 

____ Proof of most recently filed 990 and a proven track record of financial responsibility meaning taxes are reported and 990’s filed consistently with no apparent or major gaps. No extension letters are accepted as there is no proof the IRS has received such filing.

____ Not be listed on the IRS “Auto-Revocation” list within the last 5 years

____ Must be registered with their state (where required) and be in good standing with the state. Part of being in good standing would be proof of renewal each year. This also includes legally registering all DBA’s with the state and verifiable proof that the DBA was approved and is associated with the organization. 

____ Fulfill an actionable objective (i.e. provide service/item to person/place/thing in need)

____ Operate as a distinct entity with its own organizational head, EIN, address, and physical location separate from an umbrella organization or larger National/International Charity. Only DBA’s registered with their respective state whose EIN also matches the eligibility requirements will be taken into consideration. 

____ Dedicate any and all donated funds to the defined market area of the ImpactClub® Location you are registering with. See the address requirements above.

____ Respond to all requests for information and emails received. To ensure you receive these emails, check your spam folder if you do not hear from us in 5-7 business days.

____ Operate under their legal and approved name associated with the EIN provided via the application for registration.

         ____ Not re-distribute and or offer funds to individuals (or other organizations) in the form of financial assistance, scholarships, or grants.  

         ____ Not have any local Co-founder sitting on the board or acting as a decision-maker to the organization as this poses a potential conflict of interest.


This information (below) must be completed by the key decision-maker within the local charity! Local cofounders and or members are not permitted to submit an application on behalf of the charity/organization:

Step 1 – Select the ImpactClub® in your location

If you don’t see an ImpactClub® in your city/community, then select Virtual. This ImpactClub® takes place online, via videoconference, and streams worldwide.

Step 2 –  Enter your Information below

Please double-check your information for accuracy. If your information is entered incorrectly our Verification & Auditing team will be unable to verify your organization and a determination of “ineligible” will be issued.

Step 3 – Choose your ‘Emergency Contacts’ carefully

If amplified by a member and selected to present, from the time of the first contact via Basecamp, you’ll need to respond within 24 hours to confirm participation. If you do not respond in 24 hours, the next charity selected will be contacted in your place. 

Step 4 – Internal Review & Verification 

Once your application is received, your non-profit will be reviewed. We work hard to ensure all Charities who wish to register with ImpactClub® are in accordance with Federal mandates to prevent fraud. This allows us to be 100% certain any/all charitable contributions are made to legitimate charitable organizations. Completing this form does not guarantee participation in ImpactClub®. Nor does it guarantee eligibility. Within 5-7 business days, someone from our Charity Verification & Auditing Team here at ImpactClub® headquarters will be in touch.


*Note: Website address should be entered as “” format


General Information

Primary Contact

Primary Contact

Emergency Contacts

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**Please Note**

ImpactClub® reserves the right to revoke a charities eligibility status at any time where it is determined the charity is no longer eligible. ImpactClub® reserves the right to update and change its eligibility criteria at any time too.