Winner Update: Hospice of the Calumet Area

When I delivered the presentation, I really touched down mainly about our hospice services. But, I wanted to take an opportunity to tell you about a program called Transitions that we also run. This is a program that when individuals first receive their serious diagnosis and they don’t really know what they’re doing, or what’s going to happen to them, and they need help, they can come to Hospice of the Calumet Area, and we have a transition social worker or licensed clinical social worker that can then help guide you and your family through the process. Help you develop questions to ask your doctor. Link you to resources. If you need Meals on Wheels, or veteran benefits assistance, or utility assistance, or just need a sounding board to help guide you through this. This is offered to individuals and their families at no cost. We do this for free. This is regardless if you sign up for hospice services or not, and we follow you on this journey, this healthcare journey, for as long as you need us. Last year was probably the … We served the most people, and that was 329 individuals that we were able to provide assistance to, and that was with one social worker. Our dream was to hire a second social worker, so I’m very happy to say that at the end of December, with your help and the help of other private donations, we were able to add on another social worker. So, thank you again.

Jenifer Okamura
Dying With Dignity

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