Fundraising = making people care!

No StoryEngine = no funds

Through Impact Club, this truth is continually demonstrated. The charitable presenter who built the best StoryEngine is (almost without question) the charitable presenter who wins the majority vote – earning member-donations, often in massive sums totaling $10,000 to as much as $30,000 to aid in the fight of their cause.

Who never wins?

Data and fact-driven presenters. Neither do presenters who speaketh: “This is who we are.” And “This is what we do.” Don’t tell us “what you do” or “Who you are.” Make us “feel” what you do. So that “we can’t ignore” who you are. And please, don’t tell us “about the thousands” you’ve helped. Just make us see “the face” of the one child, victim or fighter, that you remember. Make me care about that person, child, their complete journey.

Convey to me the experience of their fight.

Help me to understand how, if we stand together, through the power of our voice, and how, if we choose to back you, through the power of our money, you and your organization can make an amplified difference that will solve pain. Stem heartache. Prevent tragedy. Give hope. Ease the burden. Eliminate the stress. Stop the suffering.

You see, when deciding to support your case. People follow their heart. So if you can’t make people feel, by bringing them to that point of heavy emotional-investment, then people, who could support your cause, don’t support your cause, because you haven’t made them care about your cause. And if people don’t care about your cause (on a deep resonate level) they won’t use their money (or voice) to join you in your fight.

Instead, they will give their resources to the Storyteller who made them feel, and did, lead them to that deep-emotional-investment.

The good news? 

Charitable founders, speakers, presenters (perhaps better than anyone) know the validity of this indisputable truth. No story = no funds. No funds = an extremely limited fight, and thus, a non-effective fight. Therefore, the only way to fight for a cause, in a way that does it justice, is become a skilled Storyteller. 

The best StoryEngine wins.

Ryan Fletcher
Co-Founder, CEO, Head of Community

After 47 rejections from medical school, Fletcher realized his failure. He couldn’t inspire the admissions committee. This painful lesson, having never gotten accepted, led him on a journey to discover how words could be used to inspire. As a storyteller, he launched businesses, transformed businesses. Built communities. Then shared what he learned with others. Impact Club, working with those he collaborated with, got its genesis from that decade long journey. Now, to the best of his ability, Fletcher represents the interests of his co-founders and thousands of Impact Club members around the world.