Elevated Philanthropy

Belief #4: Investments Based on ROI: Return on Impact

StoryEngines paint that picture.

The Impact Venture Capitalist doesn’t vote with a bleeding heart. We vote based on presented merit.

Our concept, “Impact Venture Capitalism,” is rooted in venture capitalism, because the startup founder who tells the best story, demonstrates the best path to a return, etc., is the startup founder that receives the funding. There are many great founders that have great intentions, and, could positively impact their customers. But that alone is not enough to warrant an investment.

This explains why startup founders, weeks in advance of meeting with venture capital firms, prepare their pitch deck. The pitch deck is the “story” of how their company will use the money they seek to grow the business, expand, or disrupt the market. If that founder makes a poor case for his company, tells a poor story, doesn’t inspire investors, etc. then he doesn’t get the funding.

“Become The Best Storyteller!” – Chris Sacca, billionaire investor

Knowing the importance of storytelling is not unique to Saca either. Don Valentine, founder of the famed firm Sequoia Capital, has said, “The art of storytelling is incredibly important. Learning to tell a story is critically important, because that’s how the money works. The money flows as a function of the story.”

Impact Club brings this belief to Impact Venture Capitalism.

To invest in charities.

Impact Club is not a charitable organization. Impact Club, metaphorically speaking, is a venture capital firm. Except, instead of investing in companies for the purpose of profit. We invest in local charities for the purpose of demonstrate-able Impact on our communities.

Ryan Fletcher
Co-Founder, CEO, Head of Community

After 47 rejections from medical school, Fletcher realized his failure. He couldn’t inspire the admissions committee. This painful lesson, having never gotten accepted, led him on a journey to discover how words could be used to inspire. As a storyteller, he launched businesses, transformed businesses. Built communities. Then shared what he learned with others. Impact Club, working with those he collaborated with, got its genesis from that decade long journey. Now, to the best of his ability, Fletcher represents the interests of his co-founders and thousands of Impact Club members around the world.