Winner Update: Run For 271, Inc.

I just think that every one of you is amazing and I think tell your friends, bring your kids, spread the love and just keep doing what you’re doing. Run for 271 is a nonprofit. We give 100% to the 11 elementary schools in our community. What we did with that money, it was $10,800. I wanted to go to Vegas, but I didn’t. We decided to go to the three schools that have the least amount of money and have the most kids who need the help. So, Marissa Owen is right here. She’s, she’s an assistant principal at Bryan elementary. She’s doing the work. She’s, she’s a hero. I mean, what we do is try to support people like her. We want to give, we gave all of that money to program. She needs drinking fountains so kids can fill their water bottles up. Honestly, we spent over $2,000 to put in drinking fountains so the kids can be hydrated so their brains can function properly. The other schools needed sensory paths. Something to give kids who need it. The best opportunity to have the best learning environment they can. We spent every cent to try to help people like her because she’s helping our kids to be better, to be kinder, to be safer, and to give them the best opportunity that we can give them. So I encourage you all to thank a teacher. Thank a principal, thank an assistant principal, teach your kids kindness, bring everybody you can think of here and let’s all just make a difference and I thank you all for all that money.

Elaina Matthews
Fueling The Education of Tomorrow's Future

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