Winner Update: Manna’s Hana Riding Center

What have I done with the money that you entrusted with Manna’s Hana? We had nine people come out and move 10 tons of gravel into our covered arena, 15 tons of sand. We had end panels put on the arena so that if it’s raining, the kids still get to ride. We still have water issues. And so we have one of our board members that’s going to have to dig a French drain if any of you know what that is, I have no idea. So that’s where the money has gone so far: for the sand, for the gravel and for the end panels to be put up. And so our projected date to get the lift put in is June the first. And once we get that in, I would love all of you to come out and actually see what your money has gone toward. And we thank you.

Bobbie. J. Abell
Learning While Riding

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