Impressive Character + Strong Skills

= Community Leader

Each local Impact Club is headed by a local business owner who has completed Impact Club’s Accelerator-like program. Launching an Impact Club is no easy feat. There are operations. Back-end planning. It requires capital. Ongoing investment. Not to mention, the ability to story tell and to distribute a message to maintain and expand member impact.

In Silicon Valley many venture capital firms, to make sure that the companies they invest in do well, have Accelerator or pre-Accelerator programs. Most are by application-only. And most require accepted-parties to move to San Francisco (or other location) for three months to complete the program. Where they then learn, from world-class mentors in business, and a strong entrepreneurial community, how to experience hyper-growth.

This growth can then be used to fund the impact they desire their companies to make.

Impact Club has it’s own Accelerator-like program. 

John Mackey, co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods, refers to the entrepreneur who is driven to use their business as a vehicle to make impact, as a Conscious Capitalist. To us, the Conscious Capitalist is the Worldchanger. Impact Club has built an entrepreneurial community for such folks. Where skills are mastered. Businesses are expanded. And profits are used to fund local impact, keeping membership free. Where every cent of every member’s $100 donation each quarter goes direct to local charities.

Our Worldchangers are the foundation of Impact Club. Without them, we’d have to raise millions in venture capital.

Ryan Fletcher
Co-Founder, CEO, Head of Community

After 47 rejections from medical school, Fletcher realized his failure. He couldn’t inspire the admissions committee. This painful lesson, having never gotten accepted, led him on a journey to discover how words could be used to inspire. As a storyteller, he launched businesses, transformed businesses. Built communities. Then shared what he learned with others. Impact Club, working with those he collaborated with, got its genesis from that decade long journey. Now, to the best of his ability, Fletcher represents the interests of his co-founders and thousands of Impact Club members around the world.