Winner Update: Bobby Jean’s Kids

When I came here last time, I had just gone through breast cancer surgery like two and a half weeks before I had come here and talk to you. So I had tubes on and all that stuff. So with all that going on, I didn’t really, I mean I was just totally like in orbit land, but then the reality kind of hit me about what a great impact you had made because of all the surgery stuff and everything. I wasn’t even allowed to drive, so I had to do stuff. I’m calling and stuff like that. I’m fine. But I’ve been really, really busy and so I want to make sure every penny has been to the max. Like I told you guys I would do. I actually was doing New Hampshire County originally. Now I’m doing New Hampshire County, Pender and Brunswick County foster with university of North Carolina, Wilmington and Cape fear community college to maybe have a scholarship for the teenager, foster children to help them with the Pell grants and financial aid. Also, I’m trying hard to get with. UNCW, Carolina, and Duke state, um, to have where the kids can go to a major basketball games. And I’m looking at maybe getting a big bus to take them up there at some having never left Wilmington. So your money is going to a lot of different places and going to make a big impact in our communities. And I just cannot thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to help these foster kids because I couldn’t do all that I’m doing without you.

Bobby Jean Harvey
Encouraging Kids to Dream

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