Winner Update: Coastguard South Canterbury

Good evening everyone, my name is Nigel Adams from South Canterbury Coastguard. I was honored to be enough to do a speech last time. And it’s a really daunting task to be asked to speak for five minutes and to present it to a bunch of strangers so this time, a wee bit better. A wee bit more smiling too. South Canterbury is honored to have a group like this where you do raise money for charities. To have the opportunity to come and present to you, our charities in our communities, to have this chance to give them money to do extraordinary things we can do. So on behalf of Coastguard South Canterbury, thank you and all the best for the speakers tonight. I hope all the best for you too. Money, what we have done so far is we are upgrading our navigation lights to LEDs. A lot brighter, a lot clearer and we can see longer in the distance. We’re being pretty cautious of what we’re using it for. We’ve done first aid recently and we are looking at replacing, getting new stretchers for the boat. We can’t just get nice big long ones cause they don’t fit. We’ve got to be smart in how we do it and have to use that equipment if necessary. So again, I’d like to say thank you for all this, to your organization to doing this charity for us. So thank you.

Nigel Adams
Bringing Them Home

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