Winner Update: Ignite Academy Inc.

Our hearts are really for transforming the health of our community and we do that in two specific ways. The first one is within our school really focusing on creating the healthiest environment possible for our kids to learn. As I mentioned before, that includes everything from pure drinking water, daily nutrition workshops, nontoxic products, um, extra movement and exercise and a specific curriculum geared around mental health. The second piece is to offer free family and parenting workshops in our community. So it’s been a fabulous couple of months. I can’t thank you enough that I got to start off this school year announcing at our parent orientation or back to school night. That impact club was supporting us on a national level. It’s really created tremendous momentum and then as I look back to think about how we use those funds, I really wanted to just to give a thank you to impact club for something very different and unexpected. The greatest gift I think you guys gave us was actually the ability to tell our story. Well, I’ve actually been on impact club twice, so I’ve had some time to really refine that story. And there’s that old adage that you can give a man a fish and will feed him for a day or you can teach them how to fish and it feeds him for a lifetime. And that’s what you guys actually did after telling our story at impact club, we made it our mission for the last two months to tell that very same story anywhere to anyone we could. And it has been crazy, the domino effect. We actually raise more funds in August than we did the entire year last year. And I have to say it was a result of impact club and just the ability to tell that story well, so thank you. Um, you guys had a multiplying effect on what we do here now as far as the $7,600. When we received that check, we wanted to be really strategic with it. The first thing that it went to was our cooks corner program, which is starting at age five at our school. They go through a daily nutrition workshop. Secondly, um, when you guys, when we received the check, it was the beginning of our school year. We were able to provide to her our classrooms with flexible seating options as a result of your funds. Those are great wobble chairs, um, stability, exercise balls within the classroom. And third, we actually are able to give over 15 free workshops to our community as a result of that 7,600 hundred dollars. So what that means is we host not at our school, but we actually go out to the community and teach everything from parenting strategies to discipline workshops. And our favorite is a nutrition workshop that we, um, share where we talk about how to go to Publix or, you know, basic food shops and shop for whole foods on a budget. Also how to pack healthy foods in a kid’s lunch box. And that has been tremendous. We’ve had some really great feedback, so thank you. Not only for making a impact on our school, but just in our local community. We’re projected to serve hundreds of families this year. So we thank you just for the trajectory that impact club was able to put us on.

Jessica Serrano
Creating World Changers

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