Brian Rauscher | Preventing Infant Deaths
Jeremy Miller | Providing Diapers
Barbara Thompson | Building a Heritage Center
Kara Kenan | Breast Cancer Support
Chris Winter | Making Dreams Come True
Darlena Moore | Education for Youth
Donna Shines | Mentoring Youth
Debi Alexander | Growth Through Education
Kari Galloway | Women Support
Paula Lyon | Providing to Causes
Jeff Messinger | Community Support
Tiffinay Walker | Creating a Final Memory
Mandy Houvouras | End the Cycle of Violence
Colleen Lee | Mentors for Kids
Mary Anne Neiner | Fulfilling Goals
Liz Lord | Battling Cancer
Amy Burns | Empowering Community's
Bill Gibson | Bringing Power to You
Becky Davidson | Family Support
Tyler Mack | Family Supportive Services
Kirstin Litz | A Safe Place to Fall
Deepa Chordiya | Support for Senior Citizens
Theresa Hart | Support for Veteran's
Jaime Hansen | Supporting Families
Ryan Elinkowski | Violence-free Lives
Jen Powers | Positive Parenting
Rob Scheer | A Bag of Comfort
Helen Parker | A Full Service Organization
Ron Fitzsimmons | Unique Support
Nicholas Crapser | Transforming Lives
Alexis Romero | Helping Families Succeed
Christina Ryan | Assisting Athletes Achieve Their Goals
Suzanne McIntosh | A Cup of Inspiration
Michael Planz | Helping Adults With Developmental Disabilities