Donna Kovaleski | Cultural Integration
Launee Wolverton | Emotional and Hygienic Support
Martin Scarborough | LGBTQIA+ Advocacy
Kara Norman | Community Engagement
Lila Cabrera | Literacy Education
Carrie Silver | Child Musical Support
Kathryn Bogush | Cancer Support
Cathy Winwood | Housing Assistance
Rick Trawick | Low Income Transportation
Sherri Richardson | Helping Neighbors
Jim Paulson | Granting Wishes
Teri Kwiatek | Fighting Addiction
Eric Ladwig | Comforting Loved Ones
Tori Auth | Women with Cancer
Jill Krisnitsky | Addiction Recovery
Jessica Ewing | Canine rescue, Shelter animals
Britt Thurman | Preserving our History
Christina Roberts | Caring for Animals
Kris Fair | LGBTQ+ Support
Brana Vlasic | Community Hunger
Sara Knight | Supporting Local Families
Sarah Tyndall | Children in Need
Sherri Richardson | Community Support
Luc Swenson | Youth Anti-Bullying
Annette Nolting | Battling Domestic Violence
Britt Thurman | Preserving Local History
Lillian Kurek | Refugee Support
Paula Free | Losing A Limb
Jill Houseer | Supporting Seniors
Mercedes Kirkland-Doyle | Strengthening Communities
Denise Babjak | Youth Disability Resource
Shane Solorza | Hospitality worker support
Darryl Burgan | Helping the Homeless
Greg Guenther | Empowering Students
Darcy Phillips | Affordable Housing