Power On With Limb Loss

Two million people in the US live with limb loss and 185,000 people will be amputated each year. After a motorcycle accident, I chose to have my foot amputated. The fear and anxiety about being an amputee were relieved by a peer visitor who challenged me to do any and everything that I had done before I lost my foot. I want to make sure that every amputee has the experience of having a peer visitor to talk to, ask questions, and be empowered. Since becoming an amputee, I’ve been very active. I challenged myself with several activities: running, rock wall climbing with other amputees. At the age of 64, I completed the 2018 Eugene Half Marathon. At this point, I felt I was qualified and called upon to start my own non-profit so that I could engage and build camaraderie in the community for amputees and people with physical challenges. Annually, we plan several events, including a limb loss conference, DISCOVER YOUR POTENTIAL. We provide monthly support meetings and mentor amputees, have participated in a camp for amputee children, building a 3-D printed arm for a child and will have future fundraisers for adaptive equipment.

Paula Free
Losing A Limb