Wish Granters, Inc.

We are a local nonprofit serving Ada and Canyon Counties since 2010. Since December 2010, we have granted over 318 wishes and our goal is to grant one wish a week. We grant wishes to terminally ill adults. Our mission is to come alongside a patient when they need something to hang onto and look forward to while creating a lasting memory for their loved ones. We have done the simplest wish of delivering a steak dinner from a local steak house for a patient in their last week of life to someone’s wish to meet a superstar like Gene Simmons or Keith Urban and everything in between. One of our favorite poems from a patient’s family members stated: “Little Wish be on your way; bring sunshine and chase the pain away! If, but for a joyful moment to enjoy; laugh and hear loved ones say, we will always remember this day.” It is our hope to give a lasting memory to loved ones left behind.

Jim Paulson
Granting Wishes