Chasing Dreams

Chasing Dreams was established 7 years when a local new mom had a little girl with a disability and realized the overwhelming need for parent support, educational programming, resources, and socialization in the area. This new mom found herself in a very unfamiliar world that was filled with lots of doctors, hospitals, acronyms, and large medical bills. The programs would need to be offered free so that families would not have to make difficult choices of whether to help their child or pay their rent. Families would feel comfort and relief knowing that an organization would help them every step of the way from their child’s birth through adulthood. Chasing Dreams first opened in the basement of this mom’s home and grew so large within months that they needed to find a building. Everyone started hearing about how Chasing Dreams could help their child develop and they outgrew the new building within 2 years. The organization has even caught the attention of numerous television stations and national magazines for the progressive programs that have brought unity and awareness to the special needs community. Chasing Dreams continues to grow and now is providing programming to over 800 individuals with disabilities and their families.

Denise Babjak
Youth Disability Resource