Bettie Jane Cancer Foundation

The Bettie Jane Cancer foundation was formed in 2011 after our leader, Bettie Jane Bryant, received treatment for breast cancer. She realized the significant cost of health care and other expenses during her treatment. With her leadership, her dance students and staff organized the first Annual 5K Walk which started our journey to support local patients battling cancer. She continues to lead this walk each year; we celebrated our 10th annual walk this spring. This is one of the many events the all volunteer group supports each year. The organization supports applicants, from all types of cancer, with many of their financial needs during cancer treatments including: health insurance payments, co pays for medical services and medical equipment, which has included hearing aids for a toddler who is now cancer free who is hearing impaired from chemotherapy. In addition we help families with grocery cards, gas cards, childcare expenses and utilities. Many of our applicants are temporarily out of work during their treatment protocols. We help them bridge their income to relieve the stress of worry that mounting bills can cause. We have had many applicants reapply during relapses in remission. They become apart of our foundation family.

Kathryn Bogush
Cancer Support