Manassas Hunger & Homeless Outreach

Manassas Hunger & Homeless Outreach (MH&HO) was conceived in the Summer of 2015. Our ministry stepped out in faith to perform a weekly outreach regardless of the weather and faithfully God met us by providing volunteers, donations, and partnerships. In the area of homelessness, we conduct weekly outreach to the unsheltered homeless community to grow and maintain personal relationships with those we serve in order to better enable us to learn their individual needs and craft strategies to assist them in their individual circumstances. These needs may be transitioning to stable housing, obtaining identification, pursuing employment opportunities, substance abuse treatment programs if needed, and many others. In the area of food insecurity and hunger, we conduct a free weekly Community Meal on Sundays. We also connect those we serve with local food pantries as well as hosting quarterly food drives to benefit smaller independent food pantries to help keep food on their shelves. In early 2018, MH&HO Ministries received its 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exemption status from the IRS. Our transformational Christ-centered programs touched many lives in 2018 and we grew both our board of directors and our church and ministry partners to a total of twenty-five (25) partners.

Darryl Burgan
Helping the Homeless