Trinity New Hope Inc.

The vision of Trinity New Hope, Inc. (TNH) is Everyone in Nampa will have a clean, safe home in which to live. To that end, TNH offers 16 homes to low-income families in West Nampa. Our houses sit on land previously owned by Trinity Lutheran Church, so we also try to continually tell our story, our way of encouraging other churches to use the land for affordable housing (part of the larger Yes in God’s Backyard movement). Our homes are 3-bedroom 2-bathroom homes with garages and are leased at below-market rates. Since TNH is supported by reduced rents and does not receive government assistance, we must fundraise to make critical repairs and improvements to these homes. TNH is able to take risks on people and we are proud that we have helped many families move from their cars or homeless shelters into single-family residences. Since 2015 we have fought homelessness in our community by offering high-quality affordable housing. Please support TNH to help provide clean and safe homes for low-income families.

Cathy Winwood
Housing Assistance