Metropolitan Affordable Housing Corporation

Cornerstone Community Housing (Metropolitan Affordable Hsg Corp) is one of the largest providers of affordable housing in Lane County. We work to prevent homelessness before it begins and provide opportunities to build resilient communities. We know transportation costs, social stigma, and time constraints are major barriers for low-income communities so bringing services on-site is crucial. We work with community partners like Food for Lane County, to create a safety net that keeps hard-working families from falling through the cracks. In 2018, 10,294 people visit Extra Helping (free food) programs, delivered 113,173 pounds of food, and 6,597 summer meals to children. CCH believes that healthy, successful kids are the best investment in our future, so we work hard so children have opportunities to grow up in healthy communities. Working in partnership with the City of Eugene Library, Healthy Moves, OSU Extension (and more) we offer year-round youth programs that give kids a safe place to go learn more and connect with their community. We celebrate success stories with people like Amber, who recently shared with us that CCH provided the foundation she needed to leave an unhealthy situation and build a stable life for her and her daughter.

Darcy Phillips
Affordable Housing