Mental Health
Martin Scarborough | LGBTQIA+ Advocacy
Anselme Sadiki | Children's Mental Health
Tori Auth | Teen Mental Health Support
Martin Flaherty | Homeless Outreach
Rick Trawick | Low Income Transportation
Jen Sale | Animal Rescue
Anthony Alvarado | Addiction & Recovery
Jim Paulson | Granting Wishes
Mark Spurrier | Youth Nature Awareness
Tara | Music as Therapy
Marci Silva | Teen & Child emotional support
Marian Stiegler | Art Therapy for youth
Anselme Sadiki | Treating Youth
Paula Snook | Equine Therapeutic Riding Program
David Mort | Emotional & Social Issues
Andrea Croston | Riding with Purpose
Debi Alexander | Every Child Has A Chance
Sarah Stewart | Path to Healing
Darcy Woessner | From Horse to Heart
Liz Montgomery | You Are Not Alone
Bill Buckley | Determination, Awareness, Community
Kenneth Beebe | Adventuring On To New Horizons
John Z. Hernandez, Jr. | The Smallest Post That Does The Most
Lori Hill | A Community of Wellness
Rosangela Berbert | Counselling Without Barriers
Mary Anne Neiner | Anything Is Possible
Juliette Stevenson | Thriving, Not Just Surviving
Heather Gray | Support For The Superhero Mama
Marian Stiegeler | Healthy Mind, Happy Heart
Shannon Allestire | Mental Health Metamorphosis
Rosangela Herbert | At Last A Life