Camp Krem – Camping Unlimited for the Developmentally Disabled

Camp Krem – Camping Unlimited for the Developmentally Disabled’s mission is to enrich the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities in a supportive outdoor atmosphere of acceptance, fun and adventure. Since 1957, we have provided children and adults with developmental disabilities a full program of recreation, education, fun and adventure. We offer Summer Camp and a Year-Round Respite Program. Our program encourages independence, nurtures responsibility, develops competence and builds lifelong friendships in a warm supportive atmosphere of planned permissiveness. We strive to create opportunities for campers to grow socially, emotionally, and intellectually by encouraging them to make their own decisions as to activity and interest. An important adjunct to our work with this population is to offer counselors and volunteers (most of whom are young adults) opportunities to develop responsibility, leadership and decision-making skills and teamwork, to expand their horizons and to learn the satisfaction of serving others in an exceptional and life-affirming way. The Camp Krem programs also provides parents and caregivers with much-needed respite.

Kenneth Beebe
Adventuring On To New Horizons