Elrod Center

Today’s youth are facing an epidemic of epic proportions and the traditional response of the past is not working to stop or even slow down the problem. In fact, the youth are getting worse at an alarming rate and something needs to be done immediately to stop the crisis! Elrod Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reversing the current trend facing the youth of our society today. We offer a variety of services where artistic expression, play, and therapeutic intervention converge into one glorious mission…to love and heal every child and adolescent, one individual at a time! Our mission is to provide lasting and permanent solutions to the current problem and we intend to do this by offering a number of different programs. The plan includes psycho-education re child development, neurodevelopment, and emotional intelligence, a professional development for schools, a completely new and unique therapeutic model for mental health therapy for youth that incorporates a holistic, community based approach and includes an interpersonal group component missing in therapy currently, a variety of mentorship programs, a life skills program for teens, and much more. The youth of our community are suffering but together we can reverse this epidemic!

Marian Stiegeler
Healthy Mind, Happy Heart

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