Children’s Home Society of Idaho

The Children’s Home Society Operates the Warm Springs Counseling Centers. The Children’s Home Society of Idaho was founded in 1908, to provide a place for children who were orphaned. When foster care came about in the early 1960s, orphanages became obsolete. The Children’s Home Society determined the greatest for children at that time was the lack of mental, emotional, and behavioral health care, especially those in low-income families. Thus, a transition began in the late 1960s from orphanages to outpatient mental health clinics. The majority of those treated are children who are considered “at-risk” due to their economic, physical, and/or emotional status. A majority of those treated at the center cannot pay or co-pay for services. Yet, they are treated anyway. Common conditions that are treated include family conflict, bullying, trauma, abuse, grief, self-esteem issues, eating disorders, bipolar disorders, and foster care placement, just to name a few. We provide mental, emotional, and behavioral health care services to more than 90 children and family members each day. Through counseling and therapy, our goal is to help our clients develop coping skills, attitudes, and positive experiences necessary to succeed in educational settings and lead happy, healthy, and productive lives.

Anselme Sadiki
Children's Mental Health