Mental Health Association

Mental health is about all of us. Because healthy people and healthy families are the foundation of a strong community—our homes, schools, neighborhoods and businesses. That means mental health doesn’t just affect everyone—it connects everyone and builds up the community we share. MHA supports families, saves lives, and makes our community whole. We’re here for everyone. Regardless of age, circumstances or financial resources, our programs are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With 13 active programs that serve over 50,000 of your friends and neighbors each year, we provide education, advocacy, empowerment, and treatment for everyone, from before birth to old age. Prepares resilient children: We work with parents, educators, and childcare providers to develop physically and emotionally strong children. Secures vulnerable families: We ensure safe environments and supportive relationships for children in troubled family situations. Faces crises together: From suicide to abuse, we make sure no one has to face their most difficult moments alone. Supports our whole community: Through education and advocacy, we promote mental health awareness and services. Supporting MHA supports us all. Our programs make healthy lives and a strong community possible.

Shannon Allestire
Mental Health Metamorphosis