The Mentoring Network Inc.

For 20 years The Mentoring Network, Inc. has been improving life outcomes for an increasing number of vulnerable and disengaged youth who struggle daily with high-risk factors in their lives. Our one-to-one mentoring services to schools in Canyon and Owyhee counties help these youth develop resilience skills and encourage them to develop personal strengths and increase their self-sufficiency. The work of The Mentoring Network is focused on individual children. Trained mentors work directly with youth in a 1:1 relationship for 1 hour per week spending time in activities meaningful to that student, such as working with a hobby, playing a game, or talking. When mentees are asked on their year-end surveys why they like having a mentor they consistently note two reasons: 1) They listen to me and 2) They care about me. School-based mentoring is a viable, safe, and successful way to help youth bridge problematic issues in their life and develop a vision as positive and productive members of the community. Often the mentor is the only adult consistently in a child’s life. By giving these children hope and support they become better citizens, giving back to others in the community through their talents and strengths.

Marci Silva
Teen & Child emotional support