Angela Phinney | Helping kids with disabilities
Michelle Robinson | Animal Assisted Programs
Sonja Enger | Special Needs Athletes
Paula Free | Losing A Limb
Lisa Tatina | Keeping Adults Active
Jill Houseer | Supporting Seniors
Jessica Lawson | Ending Homelessness
Angela Pollock | Making a Difference
Amanda Stone | Camping With Care
Charity Prestifilippo | Granting Wishes
Helen Parker | A Full Service Organization
Suzanne McIntosh | A Cup of Inspiration
Lisa Senadenos | Health, Happiness, & Longevity
Jim Evangelista | Inspire All Learners
Lisa McClain | Expanding Opportunities
Denise Babjak | Making Dreams Reality
Shannon Pimm | Inclusion for All
Debbie Handlson | Lending A Hand
Melissa Smith | Living Life to the Fullest
Rose van Wier Hein | Community, Purpose, and Happiness
Mary Anne Neiner | Anything Is Possible
Taylor Garden | Celebrating Individuality
Sgt William Hamlett | Caring for the Caregivers
Kim Henry | The Power of Positive Theatre
Janet Koontz | Breaking Down Communication Barriers
Tammy Holmes | Enriched Personal Outcome
Noelle Fiore | Empowered by Nature's Medicine