Many Mansions

Since 1979, Many Mansions has provided hope and homes to people in need in Ventura County. Once a rental assistance provider, Many Mansions now owns and operates 500 units of affordable rental housing. 12 of our 14 properties are in Conejo Valley alone. These units put a roof over the heads of 1,000+ low-income people, many of whom are formerly homeless, disabled, or have children. However, housing alone is not enough. That is why we provide a wide variety of free, on-site residential services that are geared towards assisting our residents develop self-sufficiency, address gaps in their resources, and improve their overall quality of life. Services range from food assistance and case management to afterschool programs and life skills workshops. Services and housing like ours are needed now more than ever. In 2018, homelessness increased by 13% in Ventura County. Stable housing remains out of reach, and many are sinking 50% or more of their income into their housing. This doesn’t just force our homeless community members to stay on the streets. It also means that our low-income neighbors and friends are at the risk of joining them. Join us as we fight to break the cycle of poverty.

Jessica Lawson
Ending Homelessness