Caregiver Healing Foundation

Caregiver Healing Foundation was created to provide support to Caregivers of Disabled Veterans, of all War Eras. Unlike any other foundation, we send cost free to the recipient, a box that contains personalized items, love, and support! As a volunteer-based staff, we allocate all funding to our cause. Veteran Caregivers consist mainly of Spouses and family members. All of our applicants go through a screening process to ensure they are a Veteran Caregiver of all war eras, and dedicated, warm hearted people that care and love their Veteran. We also provide a Caregiver Retreat in San Diego CA, cost free to the recipient. We also have realized that to help a caregiver, we must first assist the veteran. We have helped in a few out of state cases that have either repaired the chair, or helped a Disabled Veteran receive a wheelchair. The Caregiver in a Box Program has shown itself to have a heavy presence among Caregivers. We appreciate the consideration of our Non-Profit and know, that if we are selected, thousands of Veteran Caregivers, will be positively affected by this! Many of these caregivers have their lives changed overnight and give up their dream. Thank you again.

Sgt William Hamlett
Caring for the Caregivers