Deaf Services

The Deaf Services Program has been providing services for individuals who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing living in Northwest Indiana for the past 40 years. What most of you are not aware of is the fact we break down the communication barriers between individuals who are Deaf and people who are hearing. Deaf are living daily in a hearing world that communicates much through written materials or verbal communication. As hearing people we gain 80% of our knowledge through incidental learning and Deaf individuals do not have the ability learn that way. The first language of many Deaf adults is American Sign Language, (ASL). ASL is neither a written or spoken language. Over 93% of Deaf adults have been raised by parents who have never learned their language. Living in a family where no one can communicate with you poses unlimited lifetime issues. Many aspects of our life involve written communication, medical information, housing issues, banking just to name a few. At Deaf Services we are constantly faced with emergency situations. Your support will increase our ability to provide Emergency Response Services to the Deaf community that live in Northwest Indiana.

Janet Koontz
Breaking Down Communication Barriers

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