The goal of the Family Support Program is to assist individuals with severe disabilities and their families to remain together in their homes and communities. The program is funded by state dollars and helps families purchase services, supplies and equipment; however due to limited funding, not all eligible individuals can be served. Our focus is to support families with children with severe disabilities, adults with severe disabilities that choose to live with their families, and adults with severe disabilities who are residing in the community in an unsupported setting. Examples of services that are reimbursed: respite care, day care, homemaker services, specialized equipment, nutrition, supplies and clothing, personal assistance, transportation services, health related costs not otherwise covered, minor home/vehicular modification, licensed nursing and nurses aid services, specialized equipment maintenance/repairs, family counseling/training, and summer camp for children and adults. To be eligible, a person must have an intellectual, developmental or severe physical disability that is likely to continue indefinitely, and result in substantial functional limitations in major life activities and reflects the person’s ongoing need for special services supports, or other assistance, such as: self-care, receptive/expressive language, mobility, self-direction, capacity of independent living, and economic self-sufficiency.

Tammy Holmes
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