CCS Disability Action South Canterbury

We offer a broad range of support services for disabled people, family and whānau. We aim to match services to each person’s stage of life, needs and, most importantly, aspirations. Our services focus on helping people to navigate and access support options, providing good information, creating meaningful community connections and our staff work as advocates to ensure all people’s voices are heard. We work alongside disabled people in all areas of their lives, from early intervention, through accessing education, transitioning from school to the next steps, exploring employment and participation goals, support to live how and where people choose, journeying around communities, accessibility, and disability awareness training. We seek to offer supports that best align to an individual’s will and preference. We believe all New Zealanders have an intrinsic right to live lives of their choosing and this underpins all areas of our work. Established in 1935, we are now at the forefront of service provision, advocacy and information sharing in the disability sector New Zealand-wide. Our team are professional, innovative, dedicated and knowledgeable. We hold ourselves to the highest possible ethical and professional standards and are known for our partnership approach to support.

Melissa Smith
Living Life to the Fullest