ImpactClub® Fox Cities – Essential Update

Hey Team,

This is an essential update for ImpactClub® Fox Cities members.

Please read.

It affects your membership.

1 – From day 1, behind the efforts of our local host, Kevin Evers, our mission has been to “turn small donations into massive impact.” Since we launched ImpactClub® Fox Cities, back in June of 2017, more than $76,000 has been donated to local charities. Every penny of each member’s $100 donation has gone straight to the 7 Winners.

You can click those links above, about half are Winner Updates, to hear the magnitude of how your membership has impacted your local community.

2 – The mission remains unchanged. In fact, it’s strengthened. As the co-founder & CEO of ImpactClub®, our focus these last 12-months has been to beef up our infrastructure to best serve IC members and local charities. The Amplification System saw a total overhaul. Now, with a push of a button, members can support their favorite charities. And kudos to the 25+ local charities fully registered and or undergoing verification. They have worked hard with our Ops team, to ensure all necessary paperwork is submitted.

In addition, our team tech has been hard at work, creating a website for each ImpactClub® registered charity.

Each of these incredible Fox Cities organizations depends on your commitment. ImpactClub® was founded to serve this purpose. To connect those with big hearts in the local community, who can afford to give, to the local charities who need those funds.

3 – About 6-months ago, my team and I began to prepare for the possibility, “What if one of our local hosts, like Kevin Evers, was no longer able to host a local event?” At first, we panicked. Oh, no! What would we do? Then we realized. The local event, having a beer, etc., has never been what ImpactClub® is about. ImpactClub® is about members supporting local charities, hearing those stories, and donating the Big Check.

With this in mind, we launched ImpactClub® Virtual. A completely virtual ImpactClub (with members on three continents) that meets once per quarter, no different than in the local clubs but does it through videoconference right on their iPhone, tablets, and laptops. We still grab our favorite beverage, we all tune-in. The Virtual format is the same as the Local format. Three charities are selected, prepared. Our team does a technology check a few days before the event.

Then the night of, we go Live.

Each charity, just as always, gets their 5-minutes to win hearts and minds. After each charity has presented their story, the same voting process occurs, except we use an online ballot system. It happens right there through the videoconference. The votes get tallied in real-time.

Once the voting process is complete, the winner is announced and check donated.

Here is what it looks like:

In our first three events, ImpactClub® Virtual has donated more than $25K to local charities. The format didn’t change the mission or purpose one bit. This new tested format proved that whether a local host was present or not, ImpactClub® and ImpactClub® members could continue to thrive.

Impact lives.

And change communities.

4 – Which gets to the critical update. Running and hosting a local ImpactClub® is a massive commitment, both time-wise and financially. It requires a great deal of training, skill. And preparation. And because we work with the best people, who get often flooded with opportunity, the risk of losing that person is higher. At the helm, Kevin did amazing things. But with opportunity, comes decisions. To be able to pursue those opportunities, Kevin has stepped down (in good standing) from hosting the local Fox Cities event.

I assured him, he would be missed and wished him well, nothing but the best. As mentioned, we knew this day would come. Because of that, we prepared for it. ImpactClub® Fox Cities, for the time being, will move to a virtual event format that I will personally host. Fox Cities will still be Fox Cities. With all Fox Cities donations going 100% to local Fox Cities charities.

The only difference? Like ImpactClub® Virtual does, which has members on 3 continents. ImpactClub® Fox Cities will meet via videoconference each quarter (right on your iPhone, tablet or laptop – as a virtual but local community) to hear the charity speakers, vote, and to donate the massive check.

5 – To continue to make an enormous difference on local charities, and the lives locally they impact, you’re all set. Nothing is required. Just as usual, leading up to the next ImpactClub® Fox Cities quarterly event, you will get notified and updated. When it’s time to Amplify your favorite registered charity, that notification will be sent too.

Truly, nothing changes.

Not the mission. Not the purpose. Not the lives impacted. Only the meeting format.

6 – If the meeting format is the primary or only reason you joined, then I can understand why this update may be terrible news. In that case, if you decide to cancel your donation to support the incredible local charities above, it’s easy to do so from inside your member account under Profile, Account Settings, and then scroll to the bottom.

7 – ImpactClub®, the mission we all set out to achieve, “The Strongest Community in Every Community,” is bigger than any one person. The mission is what drives any movement. Not who hosts the event, or how the event is hosted. And the mission has remained unchanged. The incredible local charities above, continue to count on us! They need you. They depend on you and every member. And without you, their work to impact lives in the local community is limited.

8 – If you have any questions at all, I am always here – I am unwaveringly committed to the mission and purpose. And I remind you, 100% of every $100 member donation goes directly to the Winning presenting charity. ImpactClub® takes not one cent. This is what makes our model so powerful and disruptive. Together, we have figured out the effective means to impact local charities directly.

Thank you for all you have done, and will do in the future,


Ryan Fletcher
Co-Founder & CEO, ImpactClub®

PS: In the very near future, we are launching dedicated ImpactClub® “hubs” that will aggregate all local ImpactClub® information, talks, updates, etc., in one place. So, Fox Cities, everything Fox Cities, will be located all in one central place. With links to all local Presenter talks and charity information.

About IC

Impact Club® is Crossfit® for those who want to make a difference. We are Impact Venture Capitalists. There are local and national leaderboards. We compete. We use our intelligence, connections, propensity to solve problems, committed hearts, and unrelenting conviction to turn small donations into huge impact.