Our Story

Our mission is to advocate for abused and neglected children in our local courts with community volunteers to achieve placement in safe and permanent homes. CASA volunteers do this by meeting with the child weekly and objectively EXAMINING their situation, environment, and relationships. CASAs IDENTIFY the needs of the child and recommend critical services to the court. CASAs MONITOR whether the orders of the court are being followed and ADVOCATE for the child’s best interests in a monthly court report.

We do this because when a child is removed from their family they are thrust into an overburdened child welfare system. CASA volunteers provide immediate support across the entire spectrum of a child’s needs: safety, health, emotional and physical development, education, family, faith, recreation and cultural continuity so that the child may thrive.

As a result, a child with a CASA will spend less time in foster care, is less likely to reenter foster care, and is less likely to be bounced from home to home. A child with a CASA gets more help while in the system and does better in school. They are more likely to pass all classes, and they are less likely to have behavioral issues.

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