Our Story

The Skills Enhancement Program addresses poverty in the Fox Cities area by helping low-income individuals increase their income potential through education. Participants need to be working at least 20 hours per week, yet have a household income below the 200% level of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, and be motivated to complete a short-term training program (Associate degree, Technical Diploma or Certificate) to build the skills needed to compete for higher-paying jobs. The program provides financial assistance towards the cost of tuition, books, tools, uniforms or exam fees, as well as training related child care and transportation costs. Supportive case management helps participants successfully work towards their goals and overcome any barriers they may experience. Program graduates have built a permanent capacity to earn more income, access career type jobs with stable hours and access to benefits, and have increased the economic and emotional stability of their family. The Skills Program has been serving the Fox Cities for 27 years and has had more than 900 graduates! During 2017, 148 individuals were served and 26 individuals completed their training program and graduated. The average increase in hourly wage for graduates was $6.81, and the average increase in annual income was $19,478!

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