Our Story

Our mission states, “Youth Go is a voluntary, youth directed, supportive community which offers youth opportunities to learn, grow and feel comfortable with themselves and others.” Youth Go is a no-cost, drop-in center located on the border of Neenah and Menasha. Through programming at the center, in the schools, and in the community, Youth Go strives to provide underserved and at-risk youth in grades 5-12 with opportunities to learn about themselves, develop positive relationships with peers and adults, grow through their experiences, express their creativity, and cultivate their skills and potential in a safe and supportive environment. Youth Go provides the youth of this community with a place where they can belong. We offer those youth who might “fall through the cracks” with a second home. Youth Go strives to provide youth with the support, encouragement, and guidance that they may not be receiving from other aspects of their lives. Whether it is helping a teen with their homework, expanding a child’s horizons, or offering a listening ear to a youth struggling with a personal problem, the staff members at Youth Go do all they can to make a difference each and every day.

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