Our Story

FISC offers personal counseling and coaching on a variety of financial matters – credit cards, bankruptcy, budgeting, housing, student loans, and more. Our team of counselors help clients get a clearer picture of their financial situation and the options available to lead them toward financial self-sufficiency. FISC also provides resources to assist clients with student loan debt repayment plan options. Regularly scheduled workshops are offered on site or are taken to community workplaces. Presentations and workshops offer practical tips, hands-on forms, and positive steps to take that lead to a more effective money management system. One client stated “My sincere gratitude to everyone at FISC for helping me through the most difficult time in my life. I had always had a great credit score and paid my bills on time. Then I had a turn of events in my life -illness, medical bills and reduced income. I started to use credit cards and fell deeper in debt. But, never did one of your counselors treat me with anything but the utmost respect. Thank you everyone. You are such an asset to our community.”

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