Cathy Winwood | Housing Assistance
Morgan DeCarl | Helping the Unhoused
Mary Savage | Childhood Cancer
Theresa Hart | Fighting For Veterans
Tammy Hogan | Helping Children
Bart Cochran | Poverty Awareness
Maria Herrera | Family Advocacy
Jessica Lawson | Ending Homelessness
Sarah Lynn | Affordable Housing
Leslie Schultz | Helping Seniors
Darcy Phillips | Affordable Housing
Kat Tigerman | Ending Homelessness
Frances Robin | Mother's In Need
Regina Hawse | Safe Housing for Children
Anselme Sadiki | Treating Youth
Annemarie Landry | Housing the Homeless
Kari Galloway | Women Support
Tim Flaherty | Homeless Support
Bobby Jean Harvey | Encouraging Kids to Dream
Donnalee Velvick-Lowry | To Reach Their Fullest Potential
Nicholas Crapser | Transforming Lives
Lynda Loftis | Repairing the Past with Support
Tom Carlson | Helping The Hungry & Homeless
Bethany Miller | Hope, Homes, & Humanity
John Bell | To Reach All In Need
Rick A. Schroeder | More Than A Home
Carrie Hughes | A Home for Healing
Bronwyn Hogan | Ending Homelessness
Elizabeth Williams | Sobriety in Christ
Jodie Wight | Hope and Housing